My goal is to help you build and grow your online business and to add more value to your world by giving you tools that you can use to improve your business and life.
I believe in you. I believe you have what it takes to change the world. I also believe that you can make a full time income from your business and live the life you dream about.

My name is Tanyi Melvis Bechemnyo. I grew up in a small town in west Africa Cameroon.
While going to school, I had a small bakery business. Though not anticipating of doing business, I was able to incorporate business and school and excelled in both.
After graduating from high school with a degree in science, and from the university with a degree in environmental science, I decided to pursue a career in computer science.
Though still furthering my education, I have been able to help many bloggers drive traffic and make money from their blogs. I enjoy meeting people and helping them grow in their business.
And I want to help you build your own business too. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions at tanyi@blogtoolscorner.com
Tanyi Melvis Bechemnyo