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Karin is a recovering academic who turned into The Kraken about the time her son started school. She writes for www.iamthekraken.com and is working on her first novel, set in the Philadelphia suburbs and tentatively titled Main Line Mayhem. It’s a hilarious murder mystery that offers a glimpse of life in one of the country’s oldest, wealthiest enclaves where she lives. She’s mom to a tween son, and they live with Dark Lord Cheeto and Crowned Prince Nedward, their cats and Fries, Cheeseburger, McFlurry and Fil, their slightly disturbing hermit crabs. You can follow her anywhere you can find @thekrakensays

How To Make Money Blogging When You’re New

Top Tips For Bloggers who want to make money blogging

So, you want to cash in on blogger mania? You have something to say to the world about something? Someone told you that your life belongs online? Your truth is stranger than fiction? You think you’re an undiscovered writer? You heard that you can make bank blogging and never change out of your pajamas or […]

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