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That time of the week where we feature the people with the best blogs has finally come and we are as happy as you to meet our new blogger of this week. She is the only pro blogger I’ve come across so far who doesn’t blog for money Yet writes on four blogs. I  <3 you Sarah, Congratulations!!!

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Congrats Sarah, Please tell us a little bit about Yourself

I’ve always been a writer. Of the many car trips as a kid, the one I love the best, was the first time my mom handed us each a small notebook and pencil. My dad, who was driving would call out a subject, and my two brothers, my mom and I would all write a poem about it. I was really young and the baby of the family, but watching and participating and laughing at what my very creative family could come up with in just a few minutes was inspiring. I’ve had an affinity for writing ever since. My degree is in (not surprising) Journalism, with a minor in English. I hated multiple choice tests… just let me write and explain my answers, please!! Blogging is just another creative outlet for me. I’m the creative type who would just lose my stuffing, or maybe explode outright, if I didn’t have many outlets (writing, painting, singing) to let it fly out into the universe.

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For how long have you been blogging?

Wow, honestly, years. I guess I could go back and figure it out, but suffice it to say that it’s been many years.

What’s the best advice, tip you’ve discovered since getting started?

Figure out your why. Why are you blogging? Are you using blogging, like I am, as an outlet for what you need to say or to entertain your self and others? Are you wanting to make a living at it? What problem are you solving for people? Maybe you’re doing it to just express yourself and have no big ambitions (like me) to become a big-time blogger, and that’s okay. There is potential to make money, and if that’s your goal, follow the big bloggers in your niche. Find blogging groups on Facebook, join them. Go to a blogging conference. There’s a Twitter chat or two about writing and blogging. One that I enjoy is Blog Elevated (#blogelevated) on Monday nights at 9pm Central time. I’ve been to the conference too, just to check it out. I made a lot of contacts and learned so much. There’s more to being successful than most folks think.

How many page views do you get a month?

I’ve got at least 4 blogs I pen right now. I don’t pay much attention to traffic. I know, I know. I should.

How are you currently monetizing your blog?

I don’t monetize my blogs currently. However, I’ve started two fairly new ones that I do plan to work toward monetizing.

If you were to be given an option to switch blogs with someone, who’s would that be and why?

Switch blogs? Zoinks! There are so many successful bloggers out there. I’m really enjoying www.heathandalyssa.com right now. Someday, my hubs and I plan to full-time RV and work. These cute young things have built quite a blog, and RV Entrepreneur community all about doing just that!

What’s your biggest frustration with blogging?

It’s so much work! Seriously, blogging is a full-time job and I’ve already got one of those. I’m into singing/songwriting, learning guitar, being a mom, a tennis player, a wife… I just can’t devote as much time as I would like to really getting things up and monetized.

Many bloggers are struggling with SEO. Any tip for them?

I’m not SEO expert, and it seems like algorithms change like the weather. I just started using YOAST, which has opened my eyes.

Do you have any formula to getting readers to your website?

I do share on my social media sites. What’s interesting is that I also use StumbleUpon, and ALWAYS get traffic from stumbles. I didn’t even realize that people really use it. They do! It would probably help if I were more strategic in my postings. I’m a fly by the seat of my pants, and you’re not the boss of me kind of girl! It takes the joy out of writing and story telling if I make myself stick to one thing! I write for the pure joy of telling a story and entertaining myself and others. I’m not exactly a poster child for the serious bloggers, but I hope I’m an inspiration for those who are thinking about writing, or just starting out. Go for it! Everything you write, and everything you create brings something brand new into this world. If it’s good, it can make a difference to someone. I do have people all the time tell me they read my blogs and enjoy my writing skills. That’s enough for me right now. Figure out your why! 

What’s your favorite blogging tool?

I use WordPress. I’ve got both self-hosted and a couple of WP.com sites.

A word of advice to those starting out.

Don’t be afraid. Starting is the hardest part. Well, kind of. ? If you’re serious about money making, you’ve got a lot of work. Don’t be intimidated. Ask questions. Join groups, and learn from those whose blogs you’d like to be like!

Thank you so much, Sarah, for taking out time to answer our interview questions.

If you love Sarah as much as I do, please don’t forget to read her blogs and follow her on FACEBOOK;

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Best Blogs - Blogger Of The Week
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Best Blogs - Blogger Of The Week
That time of the week where we feature the best blogs has finally come and we are as happy as you to meet our new blogger of this week. She is the only pro blogger I’ve come across so far who doesn’t blog for money Yet writes on four blogs. I <3 you Sarah, Congratulations!!!
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