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Tara Bench - Food Blogger Of The Week


Woohoo! It is that exciting time of the week again,  This week we decided to feature a food blogger after reviewing the 10 blogs nominated by our most popular Blogger of week 21, Melissa Jellie .

Excited to meet our blogger for this week? Yes me too! Congratulation to you Tara Bench and welcome to Blog Tools Corner.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

I spent years as a food editor in the magazine industry and when I left that there was a missing piece. I love sharing food and my expertise with people. I wanted a legitimate outlet to continue sharing and having that relationship with people.

For how long have you been blogging?

About two years part time.

What’s the best tip you’ve discovered since getting started with your food blog?

Don’t compare yourself to others. It’s so important to just do YOU!

How many page views do you get a month?

About 6000

How are you currently monetizing that traffic?

Just an ad network and a few sponsored posts.

If you were to be given an option to switch blogs with someone, who’s would that be and why?

Honestly, I might be answering this question wrong, but no one! There are SO many blogs I love and admire, but I like doing what I’m doing. I wouldn’t want to take on what others do. I’ll admire from afar!

What’s your biggest frustration with blogging?

I can never do enough, work enough or do it fast enough. I feel like there’s so much to share and it’s frustrating to not be able to do it all at once by myself. I’m used to working with the infrastructure of a magazine staff, and it’s just harder to do it all, all at once by myself. Huge admiration for bloggers who have turned it into a business and hired a staff. Good on you!!

Many Food bloggers are struggling with SEO. Any tip for them?

Two: hire out, or be ready to constantly learn. I just joined a monthly course to learn myself. When I make more money I’ll be happy to hire out some help with SEO. I’m not an expert and never will be.

Do you have any formula to driving traffic?

Nope. Constantly trying to figure this out. My best traffic driver has been when I appear on TV. I’m fortunate to be able to do TV segments every once in a while and it helps.

What’s your favorite blogging tool?

Yoast SEO! I know it’s silly, but since I’m not good at it, this plugin gives me at least a little structure!!

A word of advice to other food bloggers starting out.

Do your own thing! Stay strong and be confident. Even if it gets hard, or frustrating, find things you enjoy about it every day. 

Thank you so much Tara Bench for accepting to be featured on Blog Tools Corner!


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