Cynthia Casillas #Bloggeroftheweek, Monday April 24, until (and including) Sunday April 30, 2017

Cynthia Casillas, Blogger of the week



I just Started this Blogger Of The Week Series, I will be featuring bloggers every week to inspire you. The Blogger For this week 17 is Cynthia Cassillas. Congratulations Cynthia!

You all will agree with me that starting a blog in just two weeks and gaining quality organic traffic to it could be a daunting task. 

This beautiful,hardworking lady from Camarillo, CA(mexican roots) has done a marvelous job in growing traffic for her blog and  page this past week. Let’s hear what she has to say.

Over to you, Cythia:

I just started blogging, my page is 2 weeks old, and the reason I decided to blog was to find inspiration for myself as well to give to others. In the future I would like to incorporate a business I’m starting and would like to profit on my blogs. I have accomplished my first goal to get 100 followers in under a week. Now, I’m trying to set my next goal. My blog is about having fun while learning the process of just starting a blog, my blog is more of a diary with a sense of humor and inspiration!

What’s Your Favorite Blogging Tool? 

My favorite blogging tool would be the blogging groups, for a beginner like myself these groups have been very helpful in getting me started and helping me along the way!

What Advise can you give to others who would like to Start Blogging?

My advice to others who would like to start blogging would be to go for it. You don’t loose anything by trying it but I guarantee that it’ll be so much fun, almost therapeutic. For me it’s been a great experience and I’m already meeting very interesting people from all over the world and with different interest.

Thank you so much Cynthia, for giving us the honor of featuring you on our blog this week. It was so much fun, working with you.

Don’t forget to follow and like her page;  https://www.facebook.com/SparkleInPink/

Do you think Cynthia did a great job in growing her following to 100 people in under a week? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.  

Tanyi Melvis Bechemnyo

  • Thanks guys! I'm so happy being nominated it's super exciting!!

  • Pip says:

    I totally agree, I think blogging grpups have been so useful in providing support and great opportunities.

  • fit2fash says:

    Congratulation Cynthia on being featured as the blogger of the week!

  • MELLY says:

    Welcome! Please Keep up the good work.

  • MELLY says:

    So True Pip, facebook groups for me have been the most useful blogging tool

  • MELLY says:

    Congratulation to her. She's our star for the week.

  • Congratulations to Cynthia and big thanks to you for the decision to promote the other writers. You rule.

  • Congratulations to Cynthia and big thanks to you for the decision to promote the other writers. You rule.

  • MELLY says:

    Thanks Joanne, I love to promote the works of others.

  • KARA LOVSKA says:

    Got some good advice out of this post ! Thanks !

  • MELLY says:

    My Pleasure! Please stop by for more.

  • The Blogger of the Week feature is a great idea Melly.

  • MELLY says:

    Thanks Brian. I hope to promote as many bloggers as I can.

  • I love this idea! It's so nice to see people sharing the blogging love. The only thing I would recommend is maybe to leave a line between the blogger's answers and your next question? Just think it might make it easier to read πŸ™‚

    Kelly x

  • MELLY says:

    Thank You So much, Kelly for the feedback. Really appreciate it!

  • How sweet of you to feature those bloggers! I love that some people in the blogging community are so helpful and supportive πŸ™‚
    Love from Austria,
    Theresa | http://www.primetimechaos.com

  • I the idea how you tell people go for it. I launched my blog about two weeks ago.I wanted to do this for years

  • MELLY says:

    Congratulations on launching your blog. You will not regret this decision.

  • MELLY says:

    Thank you Theresa. I hope to support as many bloggers as I can

  • As a blogger myself I agree with her comments. Especially if you write to yourself. Everything else will follow πŸ™‚

  • MELLY says:

    Exactly! You just need to give it a try.

  • Great advice for new bloggers.

  • MELLY says:

    Thanks for reading!

  • Great way to learn about other bloggers! Good luck! πŸ™‚

  • MELLY says:

    Thanks Veronica!

  • Laquanda says:

    I’m still learning from you, but I’m trying to reach my goals. I absolutely liked reading everything that is written on your site.Keep the tips coming. I enjoyed it!

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