New to Blogging? Increase Your Popularity Instantly with These 9 Guest Blogging Secrets


When you’re the new kid in town, it can be difficult to get your name out there and get people to notice you.

Growing your blog is certainly possible, it’s just harder than it looks. Well, guest blogging helps – a lot. You can increase website search traffic by 20%, and your overall blog traffic by 110%.

How? Through guest blogging.

However, to see significant positive results like that, you’ve got to do it right. Like with anything else, some well-kept secrets can help you out.

Here are the 9 guest blogging secrets that can help you dramatically increase your blog’s popularity.

Identify the right sites

Not just any site will be a good target for your guest content.

First of all, not all blogs accept guest posts. Second, not all sites that accept them will benefit you, in particular.

Before you can write and submit your post, you need to find the ideal websites to pitch to.

Here are some guidelines on how to identify the right sites for your posts:

  • Search for the right keywords to find sites that accept guest posts. “Become a contributor”, “write for us”, “guest article”, “guest post”, etc. will usually offer hundreds of results. It’s up to you to weed through them.
  • Pick a site that is within your industry or niche. Obviously, you want your content to reach readers interested in your industry. That way, they may even become customers or long-term followers.
  • Pick a site that has a high domain authority. The higher quality the website is, the more clout that’s going to give you. Adam Enfroy was able to grow his organic traffic by 372% just through 15 days of guest blogging on sites with a domain authority over 60.
  • Pick a site you read and that you enjoy. You’ll have a much easier time creating content that you’re genuinely interested in, and for a website you respect.

What’s the result?

What you are doing, via guest posting, is putting your name out there. You’re also gaining some clout from having your writing posted on already established blogs.

When you target high-quality and relevant sites, you have a much better chance of hooking people and getting them to your site.

Create high-quality content

The problem is that the hard work doesn’t stop once you’ve found some sites to pitch to; that was the easy part. Now, you’ve got to create the content that will hopefully get posted.

Hopefully, you will know what differentiates great content from bad content. But let’s talk about it, just in case:

  • Identify the target audience, and cater to them. That goes for everything, from picking a topic to the headline and the way you write the blog post.
  • Research your topics. Before you start writing, you must be informed and knowledgeable. Not just because that generates better content, but also because that gives it authority.
  • Pick the right tone – your content should be easily readable, and accessible to your target audience.
  • Write in short, readable sentences and paragraphs. Skimmable content is king.
  • Pay extra attention to grammar. You can’t afford to have bad grammar and typos.

What’s the result?

Not all sites who take guest posts will be picky or even read the posts. But the ones worth pitching to will definitely have high standards for submissions.

That’s what you should be aiming for because those are the sites that will generate the most traffic for you.

Higher quality posts will increase the chance that your submissions will get accepted and will stay up for longer. That benefits you directly.

Create relationships

When you enter the blogosphere, it’s crucial to establish the right relationships.

You know, get on the good side of all the prominent bloggers in your niche.

Guest blogging will do just that. Building positive relationships with the most influential bloggers will not only help grow your blog, but it’ll also grow your social capital.

Pitching to your favorite blogs is a start, but it’s not the only thing you can do. It’s essential to also engage with them as much as possible.

You can do that by commenting on their blog posts, following them on social media, starting conversations through DMs, etc.

What’s the result?

What you want is to make sure that not just your blog, but your name is recognizable by the elite in the industry. Their followers will become your followers.

That can be because the algorithm will suggest it or because they’ll notice you interacting with their favorite blogger.

Post regularly

It doesn’t matter how good your blog is – if you don’t post regularly, then people won’t discover your blog or come back.

Imagine you find a blog you like, but the posts are few and far between. You keep going back to check if they posted any new content, but they never post on the same day or at the same time. It can get annoying.

If you want to get anywhere at all, you need to up the frequency of your posts.

Ideally, you’d post 2 to 4 times a week. That will reassure your readers that they will find content consistently, and they may factor you into their routine.

What’s the result?

The more regularly you post, the steadier your increase in activity is going to be. That way, people will know that they can expect a new post on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, for example.

If they enjoy your content, they will come back to see what you’ve posted. That will make a huge difference in your activity.

Also, you’ll be able to “hook” readers who normally wouldn’t stick around if your blog didn’t offer regular content.

 Make your content relevant & topical

You may not necessarily want to hear this, but not all content is going to attract readers.

The content you create must still be relevant and topical for it to catch the attention of your audience.

That means creating valuable content, that is high-quality, and that is evergreen. Meaning that it needs to stand the test of time and still be relevant after the date of posting.

Alternatively, highly topical posts can be instrumental when you’re trying to attract more readers and increase your blog’s popularity.

What’s the result?

When your content is highly relevant and applicable even over time, your posts are more likely to be accepted on other blogs with authority.

They’re also more likely to stay up for a long time. So, even years later, you will be reaping the rewards of high-quality blog posts you’ve submitted.

Additionally, you will get way more engagement on blog posts that are relevant to a wider range of readers.

Pick catchy headlines

You probably already know this, but headlines are extremely impactful when it comes to attracting and retaining readership.

The headline is the first thing that catches one’s eye and determines them to click.

You want your headline to contain the right keywords, but also words that will elicit an emotional response from the reader. Here are a few tips on writing great headlines:

  • Use numbers – we’re all familiar with this type of headline, right? “X ways/tips/tricks/secrets/ reasons”. It’s a popular formula for a reason – it produces results. Make the number as large as possible, and place it at the front of the title for the best results.


  • Promise value – The way you get someone to click on your headline is to promise a valuable article. Ideally, it should be something that will teach them a skill, a secret, a workaround, etc.


  • Make them shorter – Keeping things concise is not the easiest thing in the world, but it’s necessary with headlines. Try to express the point of your article attractively and is as few words as possible.


What’s the result?

Surely you know that more people will click on an attractive headline. It’s not enough for your content to be well-written if no one gets to read what you wrote.

A good headline gets people’s attention even as they’re scrolling through a page or looking for something else.

In this day and age, people skim content and no longer take the time to read it carefully. The click rate difference between an average headline, a good one and a great one can be as much as 500%.

Engage with your audience

Your job is not done once you’ve sent in the article and you’ve received confirmation that it’s been posted. Now is the time to strike while the iron is hot. Meaning, you’ve got to stick around and be available to respond to people, once comments start coming in.

It’s good form to reply to every comment, if you can, at least for the first day.

You don’t even need to give long replies if they’re not necessary. A simple thanks for taking the time to read or acknowledgment of their comment is nice.

What’s the result?

Engagement begets engagement. That’s true of blog posts and social media posts. The more you reply to people, the more active they are likely to be.

They appreciate it when it’s not just empty content screamed into the void. There is a person behind it and they are engaging in a conversation.

That will most definitely stir interest among your readership, and they will be much more likely to follow you on social platforms.

There is a certain sense of trust and authority that comes with interacting with the person behind the content.

Put out a newsletter

You already know it’s not enough to bring people to your blog via guest posts. It’s what you then do with those new readers and followers that truly counts.

That’s why it’s a good idea to put out a newsletter, in addition to the content you publish on your blog regularly.

You see, a newsletter is a daily/weekly/monthly reminder in your mailing list’s inbox and a regular dose of valuable content that is being delivered to them for free.

It’s easy for someone to discover your blog, read it once, and then forget all about it. But offer them the chance to sign up for your newsletter, and you’re already offering more value.

What’s the result?

Rather than remaining a one-time read, you have the opportunity to become part of your audience’s day.

If you get people to think about your site or dedicate time to you even outside your platform, you’ve achieved a tremendously valuable thing. You don’t just have their attention or interest, you have their loyalty.

Step up your social media game

There are multiple ways to bring in people to read your blog, but the most efficient is to have a kick-ass social media strategy.

Most blogs will have social buttons and links, so you are likely to get a lot of traffic from readers coming over from your guest post and becoming followers.

Once you manage to get people to visit your social platforms, you’ve got to give them something to stick around for.

That means regular posts on your social pages, some of them interactive. Engaging with your audience is super important, as it may be the thing that gets them to come back.

What’s the result?

As your audience on social media grows, so will your readership and the popularity of your blog. We’re all connected nowadays.

When people follow your activity and your work, they tend to follow you on every platform. Taking advantage of that can result in some significant growth for you.

In conclusion

Establishing yourself in the blogosphere isn’t easy, especially when you’re new to this.

The market is more saturated than ever, and you’ve got to find a foolproof way to break into the ranks of popular bloggers.

There are different ways to do it, but one thing that’s going to help a lot is guest blogging.

It may not seem like it at first glance, but guest posting can be your ticket to the fast-track towards popularity. If you play your cards right, you will see a significant increase in traffic, and your blog will be on the map almost overnight.



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