Guest Blogging: An interview with Enstine who gets unlimited content from 70 Pro bloggers

The blogger of the week segment is back! Yay! Join me let’s do the happy dance. I’m so excited because I traveled all the way to Africa/Cameroon just to interview this pro blogger who’s crushing it in blogging.

The reason why I decided to feature him as a blogger of the week is that he not only has people creating guest posts on his blog. He has over 70 pro bloggers guest blogging for him. Isn’t this incredible?

Meet Enstine Muki


Check out his blog at enstinemuki.com

If you’re as ready as I am to meet him, then let’s go!

Congratulation to you Enstine Muki and welcome to blog tools corner.

I see you have made a name for yourself through blogging. Can you take us through your blogging journey, when did you start and how did you get into it full time?

I’m still struggling to make a name like John Chow, Zac Johnson, Neil Patel, Jon Morrow and many you probably know.

Blogging is fun. It’s that activity that puts money in your wallet while connecting you with folks worldwide. It all started for me in 2011 when I created a traffic tool for WordPress website owners.

I really didn’t know this was going to be the beginning of full time blogging for me. EasyRetweet.com (the tool I created) was doing so well.

I had about 10k members using this platform 1 year after it went live. Running the platform got me in touch with some awesome bloggers.

Dealing with these savvy bloggers almost daily got me on a serious thinking wheel. The result was my first blog in the month of August 2012.

Before blogging, I used to do my things in PHP/MySQL. As a matter of fact, I had developed web apps for local customers. But blogging was becoming more and more exciting as I gradually developed an unstoppable interest in reading and writing, connecting with others and making money.

So if this exercise generates more income and allows me to sit at home, why not give it a huge portion of my time.

For how long have you been blogging? How did you start and how has it been so far?

I have been blogging for 6 years now and above and so far, it’s been very exciting

As a husband and Father of 3, how do you balance blogging and family life?

It can really be very challenging and production-threatening working around family but I’ve succeeded to make my family understand when dad is busy.

I have also learned to not allow home comfort distract me from hitting my target. But I do have enough time to turn my sitting room to a playing ground and that’s what my kids like about me always being around.

So a lot of people do not think anything good can come from Cameroon/Africa. However, you are breaking those stereotypes with the wealth of knowledge you possess. How did you get to know all that you know? Do you deal with these kinds of stereotypes?

Well, I work on the Internet and for as long as the Net isn’t someone’s culture, it can be fully exploited from anywhere in the world.

If people can just open their minds and open up to the possibilities ushered in by the Net, they are quickly going to have a different thinking direction. But the main problem we have in Cameroon and Africa is political leadership.

We are led by a bunch of wicked selfish individuals who only think of themselves while the masses go through hell. Trust me there will soon be a shift

A lot of people still wonder how bloggers make their money. Can you throw some light on this?

There are many ways bloggers make money. For the most part, blogging is about creating a community or marketplace.

Once you have a marketplace, there are two general ways to monetize: 1) Sell space to advertisers 2) Sell your own products/services

The market is yours so cut according to your pleasing. I have a post here on 15-ways-bloggers-make-money-blogging

When I look at your blog, I see a lot of pro bloggers guest posting for you. How many of them are there in total and How did come in contact with so many people? Many people, in my group, find it hard to get guest bloggers for their blog.

They are  70 in total. First, time is a factor. Being in the industry for over 6 years has given me time to build relationships with other pro bloggers.

…But that doesn’t mean that newbies can’t connect that much. One of the first things to do is to make yourself attractive.

Build the kind of blog that will attract others. It’s about you and your blog. If you have value in you, you won’t stop people from wanting to hang out with you.

Once you have what it takes, go out, read and comment on their blogs, share their posts on social media and tag them. Promote them without limit.

I hear a lot of people say guest blogging is dead especially after Matt Cutts, Google’s former Head of Web Spam announced it’s death in 2014. What is your take on this? And how have been able to survive without being hit by Google?

That was in 2014 and I believe Matt said that in his post “The decay and fall of guest blogging for SEO” because of the spamming involved in the activity then.

Prior to this period, it was a clean activity and after the noise that came around following what Matt said, there has been an adjustment.

However, let’s avoid posting on random blogs or creating shallow content for links. I want to see it the other way round: If you create excellent guest posts, you will find it hard to avoid links. Guest Posting is still alive for SEO

What are some of your achievements since you started blogging?

I think my community is the biggest achievement. It allows me to monetize anytime. Of course, I have other investments offline as a result of blogging. All in all, it’s the way to go

Many people see blogging as an easy way of making money online. what are some of the perks a blogger will have to overcome?

That’s a lie that has been believed over the years. The proof is that many who started a few years ago have turned to other things.

I personally think the first barrier to success in blogging is the choice of your niche. If you select wrongly, you lay a wrong and weak foundation.

So expert nothing better than failure. Promoting your content and driving the right kind of traffic is another big block bloggers will have to deal with daily.

We have different traffic channels including SEO, Social Media, Email list, etc but trust me none of these is easy.

Do you think blogging is a sustainable career?

Blogging is an aspect of content marketing and bloggers are stars. Definitely, it’s sustainable for as long as the Internet is not taken down.
The World is ruled by information and the quickest and easiest way to carry it around the world is the Internet. People need information to make critical buying, political or personal decisions.
There is no better way to make this information readily available. So there is a recurring problem that blogging solves.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5years of your blogging career and what are the things you wish to achieve within this time?

I have been a serial blogger as well. I create and sell businesses. In the next 5 years, I intend to create and sell more businesses. I will also be putting more into creating courses for my community.

I believe that’s one of the ways to give back to the people.

What advice can you give to a beginner or an aspiring blogger?

Anyone aspiring to get in should take enough time to build a solid foundation by choosing the right niche. This is not necessarily the niche everyone is talking about.

I have this post that could help in coming up with a blogging niche. what-to-blog-about

Thank you much Enstine. I’m sure anyone starting out will enjoy the post and thank you so much for accepting to be featured as our blogger of this week.







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  • Enstine Muki says:

    Hi Melvis,
    Thanks for featuring me on your blog today. Always a pleasure to be here to share my thoughts with your beautiful audience.

    There are better days ahead so let’s keep giving.

  • Tanyi Melvis Bechemnyo says:

    You’re welcome Enstine. It’s always nice to have you.

  • Enstine is one of the best networkers on earth Tanyi because he is so generous. He has landed so many rocking bloggers who guest post on his blog because he has a giving heart. I am happy to write for his community.

  • Tanyi Melvis Bechemnyo says:

    He is indeed one of the best networkers. He a networker just like you. I admire both of you for the generosity and the ability to network with so many people.

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  • Dalene Ekirapa says:

    I’m honestly inspired by the interview. Enstine is such an amazing blogger (just as you are Tanyi). Coming from Africa too, I hardly see pro bloggers (over here) like him who are also so approachable and ready to help newbies . He rocks!

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