Is it really possible to make money from a blog?

I get asked this question from two groups of people and I’m excited to provide the answer in this article.

First, I have experienced making money from many different blogs and second, I have taught folks the ins and outs of the game and many of them are making money from their blogs.

The first group is made up of people who have heard and read some stuff about bloggers making money. They are still not convinced. They want to hear and see proof of money from blogging before taking action.

The second group is made of folks who have actually taken some steps to start a blog. They’ve done those things they read about but nothing seems to be working for them. So I’m not shocked if they come up with this and many more questions wrapped in pessimism.

I’m not just going to shout a big YES to this question. But I’m going to discuss with you exactly how the business of blogging functions.

I won’t show screenshots of some earnings because there is no evidence money was really made. I want you to understand the fundamentals of the blogging business.

If you’ve tried and failed, chances are you got something wrong. And by reading this post thoroughly, you may be able to come up with a fix.

Blog income posts abound

Some of the things you are going to find online these days are bloggers showcasing their monthly incomes. Some of these figures are really impressive and attractive and the bloggers involved give you different reasons for telling you how much they earn.

We are not obliged to believe what we read. There is also no reason to doubt their reports. But what I know is that these income report posts drive crazy traffic and generate more income. Any article on your blog that drives traffic can generate more and more income. I know the question is how is that done?

We are going to get into the meat of this post right away.

Where does the money in blogging come from?

The first thing you should know is blogging (As it’s done today) is about creating a marketplace. Those who blog are actually building a community of readers who eventually become buyers.

So simply put, the money in blogging comes from the community you build around your blog. Your community is made up of people who read your blog posts. They come from different directions:

  • Search engines
  • Social media
  • Email lists
  • Referral sources
  • Etc

Some of these readers come to your blog once and leave for good. Others become repeat readers. These are those who signup to your lists or bookmark your articles for later.

While successful bloggers struggle to get many more new readers daily, they also develop and implement strategies to keep these readers stuck around for a long time.

So to make money from blogging, you have to do just three things:

1 – Create the blog first.

The foundation of blogging success starts here. To me, it’s not about the technical aspect. Buy domain name and hosting ain’t the difficult tasks. These can be done within minutes.

Installing your blogging script (WordPress for instance), setting up the theme and necessary plugins are simply things that can be handled relatively quickly.

But the most difficult part of creating your blog is choosing the topic to write about. Many bloggers have dropped and others still dancing at the spot because of their niche choice.

I personally believe there is money to be made in any niche. But some niches are more flexible, depending on who is blogging in it. Some, you can easily grow. Others are so competitive, leaving you with little room to squeeze yourself up to the top.

I have written an article on how to choose a blogging topic. While I encourage you to check that out, drop a question in the comment box and we will take a look.

2 – Build an active community

I think this is where many bloggers are failing.

Buy a domain name and setting up WordPress ain’t reasons to go partying. You have to promote your blog and get people addicted to it.

There are three things I’m thinking of when it comes to building an active blogging community:

  1. Training yourself. Signup to training programs. Buy training materials and get yourself equipped.
  2. Create fresh and evergreen content consistently: The quality of content you publish will either make or break your community. Create content that solves problems, provides answers and entertain your readers.
  3. Promote your blog: You need to get eyeballs on your content. It makes no sense to be the only reader of your blog posts.

Promoting your blog is what you should be strategizing on daily. While your posting frequency maybe once or twice a week, promotion should be more consistent.

If you treat your blog passively, expect passive results. But if you want full-time income, give it your active time.

Remember I’m discussing with you how to build a marketplace because that’s what you need to make money blogging. That’s where the answer to the main question here is.

Here are some blog promotion strategies you should focus on:

  • Create content consistently with SEO in mind: Check out this article for more on SEO for blogs
  • Engage with other bloggers: Read other blogs and drop comments, relate and be active with other bloggers in blogging communities, etc.
  • Submit content to other blogs: This is called guest posting. While posting on your blog is great, be sure to submit click-worthy articles on other related blogs.
  • Be active and consistent on Pinterest: I want to single this platform out because it’s social media and virtual search engine put together. Being a huge source of traffic for many bloggers, you shouldn’t leave it out.
  • Join social media communities, groups and be active while respecting community rules so you don’t get kicked out.
  • Build a list for your blog: Your list is a huge source of traffic and income. Each time you send a mail to it, your subscribers will click to your blog to read more.
  • Etc

As you do these things consistently, your community will gradually grow into a marketplace of buyers where you are the only seller. Do you see where the money comes from?

3 – Monetize your community

Now, it’s time to make money from your blog. As a matter of fact, your community or marketplace is where the money comes from. Your blog is like the supermarket where people come in to buy items…

Well, they may not really be coming to your blog to buy directly. But their presence on your blog will cause some income to locate your wallet.


Some of your readers are advertisers. They will take note of your growing and active blog and want to advertise on your blog. This means they will contact you and ask to buy space on your blog. You can make this more evident by creating a page on your blog where you give details on how much you charge per ad unit.

If Advertisers don’t contact you directly, you may want to step out there and find products to promote and earn commissions. This is called Affiliate Marketing. Melvis has a huge article on this topic here so go check it out.

As you promote your blog and maintain some consistency in content publication, you can’t avoid being noticed. This opens up more ways for you to make money. I have this article on my blog on 15 different ways bloggers make money. I recommend you read it.

So is it really possible to make money from blogs?

The answer is a resounding YES and I have explained that to you in simple terms without showing some manipulated proofs. If you get 1000 readers on your blog every day, those should be able to fetch you over $500 a month in income.

Here is a simple formula if you want to sell ad space.

1000 daily readers mean you are getting 30000 monthly readers right?

If you are charging $5 per 1000 readers (which is probably going to be more than 1000 page views), 30000 readers definitely would be:

(30000/1000) x 5 = $150

So one Banner unit gives you $150 per month. Implementing other money making methods will raise your income to incredible sums.


  • Enstin Muki says:

    Hey thanks for publishing this post Melvis. I look forward to the engagement on it 😉

  • Tanyi Melvis Bechemnyo says:

    You’re welcome. Happy to always have you write for blogtoolscorner.

  • Lisa Sicard says:

    HI Tanya and Enstine, great post. It can be done but like you say it takes time and you have to start a blog, post and then PROMOTE like crazy!
    I wish I had promoted more in the earlier years myself. It took me years to start making money but then it snowballed enough to quit my full time job 🙂
    Many people have trouble promoting themselves, it is not something many do easily. But if you want to succeed online you must learn to or hire someone to help you along the way.
    I hope you both have a wonderful day.

  • Akash says:

    I liked the last part of your blog where you did the math.
    I feel posting a blog consistently with quality content and keep doing it over the time will drive traffic and increase the income.

  • Very nice blog. Keep posting useful blogs.

  • Enstine Muki says:

    Hey Lisa,
    Thanks for visiting and dropping a comment.

    You mentioned hiring someone. I remember Donna’s post on being coached. This is spot on. If you want to bypass those silly errors and see timely results, let someone hold your hands along.

    Good point!

  • Enstine Muki says:

    Hi Akash,
    Stats speak better right ?

    Thanks for stopping here with a comment

  • Dinesh Ramakrishnan says:

    That’s a awesome post. I inspired by your content. You’ve balanced the ad and affiliate earning methods instead of forcing on one thing.

    I believe that Keyword research, problem solving content, quality backlinks and above all consistency is the key to get traffic to earn money through blogging.

  • I dig your points Enstine. Building your blogger community and reader community lays the foundation for blogging profits. Most if not all the money I make flows through my blogging tribe in some way, shape or form. My blogging buddies rock. Build a tribe!


    Thanks for sharing this post
    It helps us

  • Cavakia Therlonge says:

    Best reading I’ve done today! Thanks for the simple math of 1000x 3000 equals blah blah blah

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