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Lindsay Fener, Blogger of the week
Lindsay Fener
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This week’s #Bloggeroftheweek goes to Lindsay Fener. This is the second blogger we are featuring in this series. Our Blogger Of week 17, was @Cynthia Casillas. You can read about her here. Congratulations Lindsay!

She writes for The blog Fener Adventures got its name from her and her husband’s last name. They live a very dangerous life. So, their blog is typically about their experiences traveling to budget friendly destinations, tips on how to travel on a budget, details about their Favourite action sports such as SCUBA Diving, Skydiving, and Others.

Congrats Lindsay! Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m a mid-thirties Southern California native who loves having fun and never wants to grow up. Technically I travel around the US and work as a skydiving instructor and occasional yoga teacher but am trying to carve my way into the blogosphere as an authority on full-time travel and living life to the fullest.

Why did you start Blogging?

I originally started blogging in 2011 when my husband had a skydiving accident and lost both his legs. Blogging about our daily struggles and monumental achievements along the road to get our lives back is what kept me sane during the scariest years of my life. I’ve since abandoned that blog ( – a free WP site my friend set up for me) although it’s still up and available to peak at. Several years later, and once we got our lives back on track, I decided to dive in head-first with a self-hosted site and begin documenting our adventures around the world. I am a self-taught blogger and couldn’t be more proud of myself.

What was your mind blowing achievement last week? 

I’ve recently ramped up my social media usage to promote my work and last week alone I more than tripled the following on my Facebook page Fener Adventures. I’m pretty proud about that because one of my biggest fears through this process has been to come across as bragging or gloating to my friends in real life. But to be a successful blogger there’s no getting around self-promotion, it just needs to come from your heart. And people like that. They also like all the other fun travel-related articles I share. I’m now finding running my page fun. So that is also a huge achievement.

What has been your biggest challenge with blogging so far? 

My biggest challenge with blogging is two-fold. I have trouble maintaining a sustained effort and therefore posting on a consistent basis. Sometimes I’ll bang out 3 posts a week, sometimes none. I’m working on that. Next is staying organized with regards to promoting my stuff. I’m not organized in real life, how in the world do people do it!?!

What is your favorite blogging tool? 

Ahhh my favorite blogging tool is now Tailwind to schedule my pins on Pinterest. Love it, it’s so easy to use, and worth the $10 a month!!

What advice can you give to others who would want to get into blogging? 

My advice to future bloggers is to figure out why you want to blog, what you want to give your readers, and what you want to get out of it BEFORE you spend the time setting it all up. Knowing your why, and your intentions will help you be more authentic, and it will help you get it right the first (or maybe second) time and avoid a lot of headaches down the line. Spend a lot of time researching what others are doing and be weary of people who ONLY make their money teaching others how to blog. ?

More Picture of Lindsay and Her Husband

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Fener Wedding

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Lindsay Fener

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  • Sarah Rooney says:

    Love that you're featuring bloggers here on your site! Adventure on Lindsay!

  • MELLY says:

    Thanks Sarah, it's my own way of supporting my blogging pals

  • Hi Melly,
    Glad to see and know more about Lindsey here. I like the way of featuring bloggers on your blog. That helps us tap into their zone of readers and also build great relationships.

    P.S. Your menu bar has links to your old blogspot site. I'd suggest please change all those URLs ASAP because they give a error when clicked. 🙂


  • MELLY says:

    Thank you so much! I've been trying to figure out that problem for a while now. Couldn't even imagine it was my URLs.

  • It is very fun to learn about other bloggers. I also love the story of this couple.

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