Official Facebook Group

Official Facebook Group Hosted by Tanyi Melvis Bechemnyo


We live in different time zones and are very busy, so it’s not easy to keep up with threads, that’s why I created this page for you so that you can know what thread to participate in at the TIME that’s convenient for you.

For new members; Welcome! Please read the group description for the group rules to avoid being deleted or removed. This group has helped some of us to get closer to our blogging goals, so I hope it will help you too.

If you are new you can join the group here

Official Schedule

  1. Welcome, Monday – 11 AM EST
  2. Twitter Follows – 12:00 EST
  3. Blog Comment Exchange Thread – 1 PM EST
  1. Pinterest Repins Thread – 11 AM EST
  2. Facebook Post Comment Exchange Thread – 1 PM EST
  1. Linked In Connections Thread – 6 AM EST
  2. Instagram Engagement Thread – 7 AM EST
  1. Share Your Achievements
  2. Social media wins focus
  1. Stumble Upon Thread – 10 AM EST
  2. Facebook Page Like Thread – 8 PM EST
  1. Ask The Expert – Time Will Depend On the Expert’s Schedule.
  1. Blog Comment Exchange Thread – 1 PM EST
  2. Collaboration Sunday – 2 PM EST

There you go! I hope this will help you participate in threads. Come back and check the schedule as it may change without prior notice. If you have comments and feedback, please leave them in the comments. You can also contact me if you have other questions.

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