The Big Blogging Question: Help for Free or Help for Pay?

Guest Post By Ryan Biddulph of bloggingfromparadize.com 

I know this question has danced through your mind at one time. Or many times.

When should you help people for free and when should you help people for pay, through your blog? You learned being generous grows a business

…But you also learned to have posture increases your business too. What gives? How do you know when to dole out free goodness and when to charge for service rendered?

I learned from incredibly wealthy people – who I admire dearly – how being super duper duper generous helping people with free blog content is the easiest way to grow your blogging business from the front end.

So….you help people for free not by giving away your premium products and services for free, but by offering free content through your blog posts, guest posts and via videos.

Then, as you gain increased exposure, you help people for pay by charging a dollar price via premium products and services.

Be Kind and Have Posture

Example; I am on a guest posting blitz. I am having oodles of fun helping people through free guest posts I offer fellow bloggers.

This qualifies as helping people for free. Some see it as kindness. I just enjoy helping people and hey, I gain exposure too.

But if someone finds my online courses page through these guest postings I would not reduce prices or give courses away for free because I am a professional blogger.

I already helped people for free – many times, through free content – so I have a posture to help people for pay, on the business side of things.

If someone tries to barter sponsored post prices I give them zero attention. Again, posture. I do not offer business for free and…

I do not barter prices. This is a blogging business, not a Middle Eastern Souq.

If someone wants free coaching I happily point them to my blog home domain. You have 10,000 to 20,000 plus hours of free coaching called “blog posts”. More posture.

Trust Your Gut

Ultimately, you know when to offer a freebie coaching session or to give away a course to the right person.

No blogger should be 100% rigid on the business end, but, having posture and sticking to your pricing guns moves you higher in blogging circles since money is energy.

How it works; you feel abundant, do not barter with a potential client, never justify your pricing,

…and as you release on cheapies, you emit an abundant vibe to people who buy and enjoy your products and services.

You were the center of the money, the origin, the only factor, the deciding party, in helping people for free or helping people for pay.

Be Generous to See More Business

Some bloggers have posture but come up short on being generous.

Most millionaires and all billionaires act super generous for a period of time before making big money.

Millionaire bloggers publish tons of helpful content on their blog and across a wide range of platforms to help people and to gain massive exposure.

If you crave massive exposure, help a high volume of bloggers by publishing guest posts on their blogs.

This generosity helps you scale and aids in you being seen in many spots online, both factors in landing paying customers and clients.

Never Be Stingy with Yourself or Other Bloggers

Never be stingy with yourself. Charge premium rates, have posture and never haggle. Stand firm to make real money.

Never be stingy with other bloggers. Guest post on their blogs. Promote them. Comment genuinely on their blogs.

Keep the energy flowing. Keep the love going.

Be generous by sharing free content with bloggers and be generous with yourself to boost your blogging profits.

Help people for free and for pay.

Ryan Biddulph helps you become a successful blogger at Blogging From Paradise.

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